Captain Ron Mallet

Captain Ron Mallet

Captain Ron grew up fishing in New York State. He caught his first fish at the local lake in his home town. At the age of 10 he visited his secret spot regularly with a can full of worms and a pocket full of bobbers. His dad advanced his range by driving to distant lakes and streams to begin his life as a traveling fisherman. Soon the saltwater entered his veins as the family boat found a home on the waters of Long Island Sound. There he added Bluefish to his list of species. The thrill of being on the water took hold. Almost every weekend that his fathers work schedule allowed, they headed for the sound with other members of his family. He continued to add to his adventures by traveling further from his home town. During his teenage years other priorities took over, he left the fish alone.

After graduating Harrison High School, a few years of work helped to keep the fun rolling. In 1978 Ron enrolled in school at Teterboro School of Aeronautics in New Jersey. Two years later he graduated with his F.A.A. license to repair aircraft. The next move lead him to his current passion. Eastern Airlines in Miami, Florida called and notified Ron that a position is available for him. No fan of the cold and knowing of the beautiful southern waters and fantastic weather, his decision was easy. In 1980 Ron became a Florida resident.

The airline life gave many opportunities to spend time on the sea. Most weeks gave a few chances to test his luck. The early expeditions brought him to the inlet at North Miami Beach and it's nearby pier. After his first Tarpon encounter from the jetty, the goal of becoming a boat owner became his mission. The knack of being skilled with tools aided in starting off with a "handy man special". With rods, bait and tools he soon hit the water. This was an amazing time. Lots of places to explore. At work there were many other anglers in similar situations. It was soon a ritual to share turns fishing on each others boats, probing the waters from South Biscayne Bay to offshore Fort Lauderdale. Working afternoon and midnight shifts at Miami airport left plenty of prime hours to wet a line before and after his airline duties.

As the career at Eastern lost it's attraction, a plan was set to shift his profession to a life on the water. In 1985 the gears started turning to get his next occupation rolling. The plan was to acquire his U.S.C.G. captains license. After the requirements were met, the exam was taken and Ron became a licensed "Captain". While continuing to turn wrenches at Eastern, Ron started to build his fishing client list. With a great deal of experience already gained, successful catches quickly boosted his reputation. In 1989 E.A.L. took that final landing and Captain Ron stepped it up to full time status. Since then he has continued to advance his skills. Below is a list of some accomplishments and associations that has kept him involved with his career. As all good fisherman know... time, experience, passion and a keen connection with nature will always advance your skills and keep you on top of the game. Captain Ron has proven this to be true.

Captain Ron is a serious, professional sportsman. With more than 38 years fishing Florida and another 10 mixed in since childhood, experience is one of his major assets. This often makes the difference while on the water. As long as the fish are there, you can expect a successful day on the water. A quick check of references within the industry and around the local fishing community will support this reputation.

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